This Part of Your Ear Is The Answer To All Of Your Stress-Related Problems

As a perpetually stressed-out college student, if you tell me that something will magically reduce my stress levels, I’m going to be scrambling over myself to be the first in line.
When a doctor, like a real life, went-to-medical-school-for-centuries doctor of medical science and psychiatry, tells you he might be onto a simple stress-relieving ear massage technique, you rejoice. You rejoice loudly.

Mark Sandomirsky, a doctor of medical science and psychiatry, has posited that psycho-reflexology is one way to physically de-stress and relieve heaviness of pain from certain parts of the body using natural anti-stress points. This point just happens to be located in your ear.
The first thing you’ll need to do to begin the de-stress process is to get rid of all your destructive emotions. Afterwards, then you can properly use the Shen Men area of your ear (located in the upper third part of your ear) to bring celestial energy to your whole body.
As a half-Chinese woman, leave it to the Chinese to keep this a secret FOR FOREVER.
By massaging the Shen Men (as seen in the image below), otherwise known as “The Gate of Heaven” in traditional Chinese culture, you strengthen your overall health, decrease stress, and boost energy. All you need to do is press the point with a cotton swab and gently massage it while breathing deeply. As you inhale, look to the left and then to the right as you exhale. Eventually, your body should calm down.
shen men stress relief
Has this been tested on college students during final exams? Do you need a test dummy? I am very stressed and want free stress-relief therapy. Sandomirsky, can you hear me? I need you.

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