Jojo's "MTV Cribs" House Tour Was All A Big Lie

While I can barely name a watchable program on MTV nowadays, the channel used to be the center of addicting reality shows circa-early 2000s. From Next and Room Raiders to The Real World and Road Rules, MTV knew how to take some normal twenty-somethings and entertain us.
MTV Cribs took the crown as the most intriguing show possibly ever. What other show lets you see Mariah Carey‘s bathtub, inside 50 Cent’s shoe closet, and gives you a peek into celeb’s refrigerators?
Sure, we were all aware that these singers, actors, and sports stars probably had a massive cleaning team confiscate embarrassing garbage and organize closets to perfection, but turns out Cribs was even more of a lie than we thought, at least in the case of singer Jojo. Turns out, she told Huffington Post that her episode (which aired when she was 13 years old) didn’t even feature her house.

“It was so ridiculous. The thing is, we didn’t have a home at that point. My mom and I were living out of suitcases and we were mostly in hotels. So that was actually my uncle’s house, on the Cape. That wasn’t my house. That wasn’t my stuff. When I was sitting on the spinny thing, that was his kids. That’s the truth…So that was me lying on “Cribs.”

If you can’t recall, Jojo’s uncle’s house was pretty basic. Take a look at her house tour below.
Even the singer, currently making her comeback after years of legal battles, admits since she was fibbing anyway, she should have “balled hard” by renting out a mega-mansion for the cameras.
We’re feeling pretty deceived right now. Was that even Mariah’s bathtub?!
You just can’t trust what you see on TV.

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