WATCH: Chris Pratt Was Introduced On The Street & No One Knew Who He Was

What would you do if you saw Chris Pratt passing by you on the sidewalk? Total fangirl meltdown. Possibly tears. Solid chance of the cops being called. We can only imagine the possibilities. Comedian Billy Eichner decided to test this exact situation with his former Parks and Rec costar for his show Billy on the Street.
Chris Pratt and Billy Eichner roamed around New York City asking random people if they knew who the Guardians of the Galaxy star was. While most acted nice and tried to pretend that they had an idea of who he was, no one could actually name him. Pratt, proving how gracious he really is, was all smiles and genuinely entertained by people trying to remember who he was. Only one woman actually knew who he was and even went on to say that she loved his wife, Anna Faris. It seemed like he loved that comment way more than her knowing who he was!

For all those people on the street who didn’t know who he was, you need to get out from under that rock you’ve clearly been living under for the past year and a half.
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