Marnie Piper Went Back To Halloweentown Over The Weekend

Kimberly J. Brown, better known as Marnie Piper, revisited the town where they shot the DCOM classic Halloweentown over the weekend! The real town in Oregon is sadly not called Halloweentown, but St. Helens. Every year, St. Helen’s has a huge Spirit of Halloween festival complete with the lighting of the iconic giant jack-o-lantern.
This year’s festivities got an upgrade because they invited Brown to light the giant pumpkin, and 15,000 fans showed up to watch. She even came dressed in a full-on Marnie costume! The actress took pictures with fans and before lighting the candle, they got very into the whole idea of reenacting the movie. So naturally, the crowd had to chant “Bey Tiki Mah” – the spell that was used to light the talisman and save Halloweentown.
kimberly j brown halloweentown
Next year can we get all the Cromwell witches to make an appearance? Check out the video of the Brown during the ceremony.

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