Yoga Pants Are Officially More Popular Than Jeans

Activewear is all the rage, and now it is even more popular than jeans. Over the past two decades, the sales in denim have been declining, going from $7 billion to under $5 million. Last year, market researcher NPD Group found that it was the first time in history that Americans were buying as much activewear as denim.
Many stores are trying to keep up with our sudden urge to continue buying athletic wear and companies like Gap, which are known for their denim, have added athletic wear lines to stay in the competition. Other brands like Levi’s are not budging and will continue to stay true to their brand of denim.
There is so much irony in how popular yoga pants, leggings, and joggers are growing in popularity considering most people wear them without the intention of hitting a treadmill at the gym. Most of us usually wear them laying around the house, to be comfy in class, and while running errands. Who cares – if they’re styled properly, they can make a cute outfit and be very flattering.
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