10 Things That Happen When You Move In With Your Boyfriend

You know when you’re in what seems to be a perfect relationship and all of your friends are secretly envious? You get along great with your boyfriend, you guys rarely argue, and you feel bad when you have nothing to say while your friends are all complaining about their boyfriends. Well, what’s left to do besides move in together?
I know what you’re thinking. “Moving in will be super fun and everything will continue to be great!” Get that imagery out of your head, girl, because reality is about to hit you harder than Britney Spears’ comeback from 2007.
Here are tens things guaranteed to happen once you and your boyfriend decide to share an address.

1. You can’t always look like a doll

Your boyfriend will eventually see you without makeup on. We all want to look good for our man 24/7, but let’s be honest, that’s not always going to be the case once you move in together. Unless you go to sleep with makeup on (which is really bad for you, btw).

2. Putting the toilet seat down is about to be your new least favorite workout

Get used to it, because no matter how many times you need to remind him, chances are he’ll still forget. That, or he’s just leaving it up on purpose.

3. Your living space is his living space

Your shower can only hold so many products. The beau is going to need some room for his products too, so regular shampoo, volumizing shampoo, moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, detangler, body wash, body scrub, etc. …which will stay and which will go?!

4. He will finally meet the true you

There’s no hiding the PMS once you move in together. Oh, and don’t forget to take out the trash, because it is your sole responsibility to do so during your time of the month. Don’t be gross – your boyfriend doesn’t want to see that ish!

5. There’s one thing that comes before you, and that thing is football

If there’s a football game going on, your existence is no longer of any importance. That’s just how it is, and we have no say, but to accept it.

6. Binge-watching Netflix will no longer be something you feel guilty of doing

There’s finally someone to indulge in binge watching a whole season of OITNB in one sitting with. No shame, guys, no shame.

7. You now have an endless supply of comfy boyfriend shirts

Because we all know there is nothing as comfortable as wearing your man’s oversized shirts and sweaters. What’s his is yours, right?

8. Cuddle sessions

Cuddles galore. Need we say more?

9. You’ll always have someone to come home to

Whether it was a long day at work, or a stressful day of tests and exams, that special someone will always be awaiting your return home. Nothing is as comforting as coming home to your loved one after a long day.

10. Moving in together will either make or break your relationship

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, have moments where you want to rip each other’s heads off and times where there’s no place you’d rather be. Moving in together is a big step in a relationship, and it will definitely determine whether you two are right for one another in the long run.

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