“Do Guys Like Going Down On Girls?” [Ask a Dude]


Hey Dude,

I definitely respect the effort, but can’t help but wonder if guys actually like going down on a girl? It kind of grosses me out.

– Not Down With Going Down


Dear Not Down With Going Down,

Oh no. As I sit here shaking my head, I cannot help but to feel bad for you. If there was ever a red flag moment when discussing mouth to south, it would most certainly be when the first sentence starts with “I respect the effort.” I suggest that you and whoever you have been hanging out with should start dining in, because he has been doing the whole “eating out” thing all wrong! On behalf of all men out there, I apologize; I apologize for your late night “oral” sessions leaving you with a pat on the shoulder and a better luck next time, as opposed to an awesome high-five with hopes of a round two. To get right down to it (pun very much intended) and answer you question of whether guys like going down, the answer is that it depends. It depends on the guy, it depends on who the guy is with, and it depends on how good he his at…well…tying knots with his tongue.

To be honest, sex and all it encompasses is never a clean thing. It is always messy and while there are ways of minimizing the mess, the better the sex, the bigger the mess. While I can understand while you may feel the act of MTS (mouth to south) may seem gross, like all things in life when you are truly good at something, you are going to enjoy doing it. So yes, there are guys out there who do enjoy going down. They enjoy it because they are good at it, they enjoy it because of the response they get from their lover when they do it right, and they enjoy what comes after a job well done. I have said it many times before – we love to feed our egos. With that said, there is no bigger ego inflator than knowing we can make you cuuu…. complement us whenever we want.

While there may be parts of the act that at times can be displeasing, the reward of a job well done can greatly outweigh any negatives; if anything, it acts as motivation for a guy to do it again, and again, and again. So I ask you to try and stay open-minded about any future trips downtown that may come your way, and if you’re still feeling skeptical, simply pass him a cherry stem and see what he can do. I wish you the best of luck with any and all future southern adventures.




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