Obama's Daughter Is Underage Drinking At College Parties & We Love Her More For It

Malia Obama is just your typical 17-year-old chick. She lives in the White House, has President Barack Obama as her dad, and is applying to colleges like Brown University. Ok, so maybe that isn’t exactly your commonplace high school senior, but overall she and her sister Sasha seem pretty down to earth.
About a week ago, while visiting Brown University, she was snapped at a party playing beer pong. We know this because of a reliable source…Twitter.
malia obama partying tweets
malia obama partying tweets
I know, I know…pics or it didn’t happen.
Behold, pics.
malia obama beer pong brown partying
According to a partygoer visiting Brown who was at the party that Malia attended, a few Secret Service men were outside the party which took place at the crew team’s house.
Maybe you and Malia Obama don’t have a lot in common, but rest easy knowing that even the President of the United States’ daughter gets hammered on college visits. How else is she supposed to decide where to attend next year?
Barack is probably having a stern talking with Malia about being in the public eye and a separate talk with the Secret Service guys who were chill with the teen taking a few shots, but BO needs to back off. Every 17 year old I know has had a few beers behind their parents’ backs. It’s practically legal in Europe, which is a whole other issue I would like our future President to address.
On the other hand, Obama seems pretty chill. He’s probably more concerned on if she won the game of 10-cup (take no prisoners).
Kudos to the students of Brown for showing the girl a good time.

Update, 10/21/15 9:13 am:

Brown University has apologizes to Malia Obama for not letting her party in peace.

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