55 Thoughts Girls Have While Posting on Instagram

There was a time, not too many years ago, when you would post anything and everything to Instagram. You wouldn’t hesitate, mostly because we barely understood how to use it. But now Instagram is much like a sport. It takes practice to perfect your game. You need to know the right filter, the right editing apps, the right hash tags, geo tags, etc… all to maximize the amount of ‘likes’ it could potentially get.

Honestly, posting a pic to The ‘Gram it’s quite stressful. You know, as far as “first world problems” go, anyway.

Below are 55 thoughts girls have before, while and after posting a picture to Instagram.

  1. Is this picture actually worth posting?
  2. Maybe I should ask my friends first.
  3. Should I just post it to Facebook instead?
  4. No I need to post it so people know I am, like, living my life.
  5. My friend looks fine in it, right?
  6. She’s probably going to get mad her eyes are half-shut but, sorry, I look really good.
  7. She’ll get over it.
  8. Is this too basic?
  9. Should I resize it?
  10. Is it too similar to other ones I have posted?
  11. Are people going to unfollow me?
  12. Will it get a lot of likes?
  13. Is my ex going to see it?
  14. Will he like it?
  15. Is this a time when a lot of people will be on their phones?
  16. Should I hold off on posting until the morning when everyone’s hungover, scrolling through Instagram?
  17. Or maybe I’ll get more likes now when people are drunk…
  18. No, I need to post now so I can post it before anyone else.
  19. Shit, does this look too edited?
  20. Does this filter make me look tan… or orange?
  21. Ugh now I look too pale.
  22. I’ll just use black and white.
  23. But is that too emo?
  24. Or is it artsy?
  25. I don’t want to make it look like I’m trying *too* hard.
  26. Ugh I really can’t decide between these two filters.
  27. I heard Valencia gets the most likes.
  28. Let’s go with that.
  29. Oh no, what should the caption be?
  30. Will people understand that pun?
  31. Maybe I should just leave the caption blank, that’d be cool.
  32. No, no… that’s weird & sometimes people like pictures just because the captions funny. Right?
  33. Should I use any hashtags?
  34. I’ll just use them ironically.
  35. I hope people don’t think I’m being serious with those hashtags.
  36. Should I put a geo-tag?
  37. Okay, this geo-tag isn’t exactly accurate, but it sounds better so close enough.
  38. I’m definitely not sharing it on social media accounts.
  39. Actually, Facebook. Let’s share it on Facebook.
  40. Wait, is there anyone I’m FB friends with I don’t want seeing it?
  41. I really hope my family doesn’t make an embarrassing comment, again.
  42. Okay, I’m actually going to tag people the right way, not that annoying “@username” method amateurs use in the caption.
  43. Okay, DONE. No going back now.
  44. If it doesn’t get a lot of likes I’ll just delete it.
  45. Why are my friends talking in the group chat but not liking my picture?
  46. Phew, finally in double digits.
  47. Why does that asshole always comment and not like it?!
  48. Maybe if I start liking other people’s pictures they’ll like mine.
  49. Who is that random person that just liked it?
  50. Doesn’t matter.
  51. Why has it only gotten 15 likes in 30 minutes?
  52. I knew I should have waited.
  53. Oh wait. Now people are starting to.
  54. Yeah, I’m going to leave it up.
  55. That was a great Instagram.

[Lead image via Shutterstock]


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