Ryan Seacrest Is Creating A TV Show Called ‘Squad Goals’


Ryan Seacrest

Before you get too excited, you should probably know that it will not star Taylor Swift.

While Taylor Swift & Co didn’t exactly coin the phrase “squad goals,” they have undoubtedly given it a whole new level of popularity.

This year, watching in envy as Swift and gal-pals such as Cara Delevingne, Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and Lena Dunham display their feminine perfection all over Instagram, the 1989 world tour stage, and in interviews, many of us have reevaluated our #SquadGoals.

From Gomez and Aniston to Schumer and J.Law, There has been a refreshing and empowering wave of female friendships dominating the media. So it makes sense that a TV show named after the trend was only a matter of time, right? And who else to jump all over this opportunity than the media monster himself, Ryan Seacrest?

According to Variety, Seacrest is going to executive-producing a new scripted sitcom on CBS titled Squad Goals, which will focus on a group of college friends in their twenties and their proverbial, existential crisis of realizing they are going to have to grow up and become real adults.

Insiders say the comedy, loosely inspired by the writers’ own observations, came to fruition when the pair realized they, among many other young adults, were at a pivotal life moment when their friends were at a crossroads, either balancing marriage and mortgages — or margaritas.”

The sitcom will be written by Lindsey Rosin and Aaron Karo, who, collectively, have a YA book, Comedy Central special, and Cruel Intentions musical adaption backing their credibility.

This is the second project Seacrest’s production company has sold to the network recently. Apparently, CBS also recently bought The Down Beat script, an Atlanta-based crime drama that will be executive-produced by Ludacris.

Obviously, a TV show with this premise is far from new. Does Squad Goals stand a chance of staying on the air? We’ll see. The one thing they do have on their side is  titling it a trendy phrase, though, if we’re being honest, might be one people are already getting sick of hearing.

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