A Stranger Walked Into A Boston University Student's Room & Raped Her

It’s fairly common practice for college students to leave their doors unlocked or even wide open while they’re relaxing in their dorm room, but a scary incident at Boston University is putting students on high alert.
Boston Herald reports that a BU student was in her dorm room early Sunday morning when a man she did not know came into her room and sexually assaulted her. After the attack, he fled and remains unidentified.
In a statement posted on the university website, BU police Chief Tom Robbins describes the suspect as a college-age white male who is between 5 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 10 inches tall. The suspect has medium build, brown hair, and was wearing a dark-colored buttoned-down long-sleeved shirt and a down vest. Because a student ID must be used to enter a residence hall and guests are required to sign in with the front desk, suspicions are that it was a fellow BU student.
Police are warning students to keep their doors locked at all times and report suspicious activity although they do not feel this assailant is a threat.

Alright, guys. Let’s crack out those security cameras and do some sleuthin’ to catch this d-bag.
Until then, look out for each other, BU.

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