12 Sexy Halloween Costumes That Probably Should Not Exist

When it comes to a Halloween costume, you have to choose a direction. While I give props to those who perfectly execute funny or creative outfits, there will always be those who follow Regina George’s lead and take the opportunity to don lingerie and animal ears for the holiday.
Sure, it’s not uncommon to see a Sexy Cat or a Sexy Teacher, but it seems sexy Halloween costumes have taken a turn for the weird in recent years. Not only can you sex up any animal or profession…now people are making everything a scandalous ensemble.

The following costumes prove that even the most innocent cartoon characters and foods are not safe from getting a hot makeover, complete with short skirts and low-cut tops. From Barney to bacon, here are the weirdest sexy Halloween costumes on the market.

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Your Monday Depicted By Puppies
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