IHOP Makes A Boob Joke That Falls, Um, Flat

Sometimes it feels like the Internet is actually¬†looking¬†for things to get offended about.¬†Sensitive souls’ latest complaint is aimed at IHOP for a tweet from Sunday night that featured a pic of some pancakes and a caption that read, “Flat but has a GREAT personality.”
Boobs. Get it?
ihop twitter boob joke flat great personality
As a female (and a card carrying member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee), I don’t personally find this offensive besides that they thought this pretty lame dad joke was funny. Twitter users, however, were not pleased in the least and shared their reactions to the sexist joke that objectifies women’s bodies.


Nonetheless, IHOP said they were sorry so now we can kiss, make up, and eat some short stacks.

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