WATCH: One Direction Releases "Perfect" Music Video

One Direction, after disappointing thousands of fans tonight by canceling their show last minute, has released the music video for their brand new single, “Perfect.” The boyband was scheduled to play the first of three shows at the SSE Arena in Belfast, Ireland, tonight, but were forced to cancel upon Liam Payne falling ill.
Harry Styles tweeted to his fans an apology via Twitter which can be read below.

Clearly, the band is trying to win back to the favor of thousands of scorned Irish girls with this new music video. Louis was the first of the four-piece to link the black and white music video to his Twitter.

One Direction’s PR representative stated that “Fans have been asked to hold on to their tickets and there will be a further statement tomorrow. That band apologize to their fans and wish Liam well as soon as possible.”
There’s truly nothing more painful than your favorite group canceling the concert you’re about to attend last minute. At least this music video is some consolation to the heartbreak these fans are feeling tonight.
You can watch the music video for “Perfect” below via YouTube. Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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