Teen Classic 'Cruel Intentions' Is Becoming A TV Show

Stop everything: NBC is making a Cruel Intentions TV series that could be on as early as next fall.
This isn’t the first time they’ve attempted to make this classic teen drama a TV show. Cruel Intentions 2 was originally meant to be a series with Amy Adams as Kathryn, but it was edited into a movie – which I get because we all remember how awful it was.
This time around, it seems more promising. Instead of rehashing the events of the movie, it will be more of a sequel following Sebastian and Annette’s teenage son, Bash. Um, who knew that she was pregnant at the end of the movie? Sebastian dying at the end of the movie hurts even more now.
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Apparently when Annette was driving in that 1956 Jaguar roadster, she was heading back to Kansas to raise their child. Now 16 years later, Bash finds his father’s infamous journal (talk about cringeworthy reading about your father’s conquests, including your mother) and learns about his family’s past. He decides to leave Kansas and heads to San Francisco to attend Brighton Preparatory Academy on scholarship and gets caught up in a world similar to that of a true Valmont, with sex, money, power and corruption.
We are definitely in need of a TV series about rich kids at boarding school, but I have so many questions.

  1. Who will be playing Annette? Obviously Reese Witherspoon won’t be reprising the role.
  2. Annette also came from money – why would her child need to be on scholarship?
  3. Why would that gross conquest journal make him want to become a part of the rich elite teen world?

I’ll definitely be watching to find out.

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