15 Thoughts You Have Every Time You Go Shopping

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I’d say it’s pretty safe to assume that most women have a little shopping addiction. Little? Who am I kidding, we have HUGE shopping addictions. Well, at least I do. If there’s a sale, I’m there! If there isn’t a sale, well, I’ll probably still be there. It’s a love/hate relationship with my retail addiction, but how could I say that I hate this cute new jean jacket? Or this stylish new pair of boots? Or this gorgeous new purse? Okay, I think you get it now.
Shopping may not always be easy on the wallet, but it sure does the heart good, and that’s basically all that matters. As a wise Blair Waldorf once said: “Whoever said that money doesn’t buy happiness, didn’t know where to shop.” Well, that is until you get home and have a heart attack when you realize you spent your entire paycheck.
Sometimes you just have to splurge and purchase those stunning heels you’ve been eyeing for the past three months. If you’re a shopaholic like myself, here are 15 thoughts you have every time you go shopping.
1. Why are there so many cars? It’s Tuesday and I can’t find parking. What kind of animals go to the mall on Tuesdays?
2. Which store should I go to first? I mean, I’m going to go to all of them, but which one should be lucky number one?
3. Oh, look, 50 percent off sale! This basically means I have to go in here, right?
4. If I had a dollar for every time a sales associate asked if they could help me with anything…
5. Did this lady seriously just step on my foot and not bother to apologize? Rude.
6. Do I need another pair of black leggings? I think I need another pair of black leggings.
7. If I go into Victoria’s Secret, I know I’m going to spend all my money there, but if I don’t go into Victoria’s Secret, I know I’ll regret it. F it, in I go.
8. My boyfriend would seriously kill me if he knew I was here right now.
9. Ooh, this is a cute shirt. It looks like the shirt I currently have on, but it’s doesn’t look exactly like it. Pretty similar, but definitely not the same. Okay, I’m getting it.
10. Okay, this lady is a little too close for comfort. If she could maybe back off a little, that’ll be great. What does she think this is, Black Friday?
11. A medium is too big, but a small is too small. What kind of BS is this? Whatever, I didn’t want to buy this dress anyway.
12. Why are there so many kids running around? Where is your mother?
13. Do I really need another pair of white sandals? Of course I do.
14. Should I get fro-yo?
15. Well, there goes another paycheck.

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