How To Master The Art Of Plucking Your Eyebrows

Your eyebrows are important. They have the potential to drastically change your appearance with just a few tweaks. Unfortunately, knowing how to do them yourself can prove to be quite difficult. Long gone are the days when pencil-thin eyebrows were in. (Actually, were they ever in? Or was that just a middle-school mishap that we kind of all made?)
Now, thanks in large part to celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Lilly Collins and Kim Kardashian, thick eyebrows are the much sought-after look. Which is great, considering you don’t have to spend as much time hacking away at them and, instead, let them grow in more naturally.

But there is a big difference between having thick, lusciously shaped eyebrows, and having a bushy uni-brow resting above your eyes.

Common Eyebrow Problems & How to Fix Them

You overplucked. If your at-home pampering session took an aggressive turn, and left you staring in horror at the place on your face where your eyebrows used to be, don’t panic.

First of all, put the tweezers down. For a while. When the hair starts to grow back it can be tempting to tweeze again. Don’t. Yes, you may have to endure a few days of avoiding human contact, but it will be well-worth it in the long run. In the meantime, use try taking vitamins like vitamin E and Biotin, which help the growth of hair and nails. There are also brow grow products that can help speed things along.
The eyebrows hair are sparse. Whether because you overplucked or because they have just always been naturally thin, it can be frustrating trying to alter their shape. After all, you can’t work with what isn’t there. Fortunately, there are TONS of eyebrow pencils and gels that can help volumize them. If you are going to fill your eyebrows in, make sure you choose a color two shades lighter than the hair. (It may seem counterintuitive, but trust me on this one.)
They have no shape. Some girls (looking at you, Lucy Hale) have so elegantly nailed the eyebrow arch. It is a sharp, distinct shape, but not so much that they appear to always be in a state of surprise. How do they do it?

Again, if you want to reshape your eyebrows, you need to make sure you let them grow in for as long as possible (Hang in there! You can do it!). Not all arches are created equal. You don’t have to have thick eyebrows to create a flattering shape
To create one that compliments your face, consider shape. As a general rule of thumb:

  • Round/square faces: the arch should be more defined and centered
  • Pointy/angular faces: the arch should be softer and slightly rounded
  • Oval/long faces: the arch should be pretty subtle

The arch should be shaped along your bone structure. Where does your brow bone stick out the most? The arch should peak there.

How to Pluck the Perfect Eyebrows

Okay, so you have some caterpillars hanging out up there that need to get into shape. While it’s highly recommended you get them done by a professional from time to time, maintaining them yourself isn’t hard to do.

First, map the key points. Hold a pencil (or some other type of thin, straight object) vertically along the outer edge of your nostril, as straight as possible. Wherever the pencil’s edge intersects with your brow is where they should start. Another way to eye-ball this is to look at the innermost corner of your eyelid. The beginning of your eyebrow should be parallel. Draw a line with an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner, preferably white if you have dark brows. Repeat on other brow.
Now, hold the pencil so one end is rested against the bottom of outer-nostril, and angle it across the outermost corner of your eye. The intersecting point between your eyebrow and the pencil is where it should end. Mark the spot with a brow pencil, and repeat to other side.
Alas, the arch. Take the brow pencil and, starting at the bottom edge of the fullest part of your eyebrow, and following the natural shape of the brow’s top line (don’t want to make it too thin!), draw a line along the edge. Make a dot at the point where your brow bone protrudes the most. This is where the peak will be. Generally, it should be in line with the outermost part of your iris when you are looking straight ahead. Continue to draw the outline along the edge ’til you reach the end point.
Time to pluck! After you take a step back to see what has been outlined, and therefore, what you’ll be left with, start plucking. Tweeze away any stray hairs:

  • between your eyebrows
  • under the bottom edges
  • outside the end-point for your brows


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