10 Reasons Guys Like Halloween Even More Than Girls [Dude's List]

Halloween is unarguably one of the best holidays to ever exist. From childhood, through adolescence, and well after those college years, there’s never reason enough not to dress up, parade yourself around the community, and gorge until you vomit or pass out. But celebrating Halloween in college during this day and age comes with a lot more than the average amount of fun, and the guys might just beat the ladies out on how much fun they are willing (and probably going) to have. Here’s why.

1. Bars

Every bar has a special and most every bar has a costume contest. The cost/benefit ratio is too good to resist.

2. Being Offensive

But totally playing it off like, “What? No way, dude, it’s just topical humor!”

3. Candy

I’m pretty sure guys will do everything in their power to eat every piece of food that is within arm’s reach. At the very notion of the idea that they could grab a little kid (preferably a relative, but not exclusively) and go door to door being handed sweets seems like the perfect way to spend an evening.

4. Costumes

Nurse? Teacher? Police Officer? You can check my temperature while making me stay after school as I’m handcuffed, and this is the only day of the year I’m totally okay with it. Also, fishnet stockings.

5. Decorating

“Oh, is this portion of the frat castle too frightening? Well, how convenient that my room is right here. Why don’t we go inside…?”

6. Dressing Up

We like to make believe too, alright? And we’re totally not upset we can’t dress like a superhero everyday and have it be totally socially acceptable. So. Yeah.

7. Drinking

Did somebody say, “Holiday?” Urban dictionary literally (figuratively) translates this to “An excuse to be drunk for 24 hours”.

8. Horror Films

Nothing like having that special someone practically jump into your lap while you’re not paying a lick of attention to the movie.

9. Theme Parties

Because we already did G.I. Joes and Army Hoes with our favorite sorority and now we have an excuse to party with them again.

10. Special Treats

Like adult sized candy bars, recreational drugs, or that extra something for being such a good sport about the couple’s costume.

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