Those Ole Miss Pikes Attacked Member Of Different Fraternity Over A Stupid Donkey Statue

Last week we were disgusted with a story about five Pi Kappa Alpha members from Ole Miss who were arrested after attacking and beating Jeremy Boyle, a member of Sigma Pi, “within an inch of his life.” Details on why this tragic incident happened are now emerging, and they’re beyond pathetic. According to New York Daily News, the attack happened when the Pikes were trying to steal a donkey statue.
A freaking donkey statue.
I’ll spare you of the obvious jackass jokes.
Pi Kappa Alpha member James Declan Basile went with four pledges — Christian Guy, Kyle Hughes, Austin Rice, and Tucker Cole Steil — to the Sigma Pi frat house around 4 a.m. on October 6 to try to take a donkey sculpture from inside. No word on why they coveted this donkey, but somewhere along the way, they encountered Sigma Pi brother Jeremy Boyle and beat him, leaving him with a concussion and broken teeth among other injuries.
Basile was charged with felony assault, hazing, and theft and released on $10,000 bail. The pledges were charged with larceny and simple assault. Mugshots show four of the bros with sh*t-eating smiles on their faces.

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