The Creeptastic Clown Makeup Tutorial You Need This Halloween

Commence panic attack: Halloween is here and you still have no costume whatsoever.
Before you start rifling though your wardrobe attempting to piece together a celebrity costume – or worse, consider buying one of those prepackaged ‘sexy’ costumes – consider this: If your makeup game is strong enough, it doesn’t even matter what you wear. You could pretty much just wear all black (your favorite going out┬áLBD counts, FYI) and throw on a creepy face and you’re good to go. But here’s the rule: The makeup has to be really, really over the top if you take this route. Watch below for a step-by-step guide to getting a seriously creeptastic makeup look that will basically put your friends’ costumes to shame. It’s definitely more trick, less treat but if you can pull this look off…well, you win Halloween.

Check out the full tutorial from YouTuber Katherine Elizabeth.

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