7 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For Swifties To Emulate Taylor Swift

Halloween is a time where you can dress like anyone or anything you want, so it’s no surprise that many of us look to Hollywood for inspiration. From movie characters to celebrities, you might have to do a double take to make sure Olivia Pope didn’t just walk by you at the party. However, there’s one pop star who has so many different styles that the costume possibilities are endless. I’m talking about Taylor Swift, of course. Heck, there could be 11 different girls at the party dressed as T. Swift, and they could all have super different costumes!

For all you Swifties who are still trying to pull together a last-minute Halloween costume, stop thinking so hard. Just pick your favorite Taylor Swift look and dig into your closet.¬†Voil√†! You’re a crop top-wearing superstar.

Check at some of the most recognizable T. Swift looks you can easily emulate below. If you want to make it a group costume, gather your girls and go as the “Bad Blood” crew or the evolution of Taylor Swift!

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