10 Common Excuses For Not Working Out (And Why They're Lame)

What was that? Work out? I thought you said take out…
We’ve all been there. Making up these ridiculous reasons for not going to the gym when we all know you’re really just being the laziest couch potato in all existence. Let’s face it – your cat doesn’t really need to be comforted 24/7.
The feeling of guilt starts to eat you up, but that is until you come up with the most perfectly awful reason for not working out. If you’re looking for a way to take a gym day off, (which you shouldn’t be,) here are 10 common excuses for not working out and why they’re all terrible reasons to skip the gym.

1. It’s too hot/too cold outside

going to gym excuses
Irrelevant. The gym, which is indoors, will probably always be at the same room temperature.

2. I’m way too sore

horizontal running pitch perfect gif fat amy
It’s always better to be sore than sorry, right?

3. I mean, I didn’t even eat anything unhealthy today

don't want to go to gym
Oh, so those fries from Burger King, that five layer burrito from Taco Bell, and let’s not forget about that Starbucks this morning. All super healthy? I didn’t think so.

4. All of my workout clothes are dirty

You’re telling me you don’t currently have any clothes you can wear to the gym? Wear your dirty clothes then. Dirty clothes + sweat = no one will notice.

5. But my hair looks so good right now

hair flip gif
Good hair days – they come and they go. Get over it. #SorryNotSorry

6. The new episode of my favorite show is about to be on

Honey, it’s called DVR. I’m sure your couch will enjoy the free time away from you, anyway.

7. I’ve been doing really well the last couple times I went to the gym

gym excuses
You mean that time you spent five minutes on the treadmill and then spent the rest of the time checking out the guys doing bench press? Girl, get with the program and get some squats in!

8. I’ll have to take a shower afterwards

emma stone singing shower
FYI, having to take a shower has never been a bad thing.

9. I’m way too tired

gym excuses
Like drinking coffee, going to the gym will wake you right up!

10. I’ll just go tomorrow

mean girls gif
No, you won’t. We all know it. So please, get to the gym now and work your butt, not your buts.

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