Fall Escape In SoHo With Kohl’s New Madden Girl Line

Whenever I need an escape from the stress of work and school, I hop on the subway and take it four stops to Spring Street. I’m an implanted Manhattanite, originally from Maryland. Navigating the subway was tricky at first, but then I realized the oasis a short train ride provides. On weekday mornings, the sunlight serenely trickles between the buildings of SoHo, highlighting the crevices created by aged cobblestone streets.

Living in the city, my wardrobe is full of juxtapositions: vintage/modern, polished/risk-taking, body con/loose-fitting. Sometimes I’m into prints and others I’m head to toe in black monochrome. A large majority of the time, however, I would categorize my pieces as Boho. When Kohl’s released Madden Girl by Steve Madden products for fall, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the line. The clothes fit my aesthetic to a T. I practically live in ruanas like the one I wore today. They are comfortable and provide a cozy warmth for the crisp fall air. Nothing beats that feeling of wrapping yourself up in plush warmth. Luckily for me, these ruanas pair well with floppy hats. I’m always either forgetting or losing my sunglasses so I rely on wide brimmed hats to keep the sunlight out of my eyes.

Parks are one of my favorite spots to decompress. I could spend hours sitting on a bench doing homework or watching YouTube videos. Parks are also a great way for animal lovers like me to meet dogs. I want a dog so badly, but my landlord won’t budge on his no pet policy. Hopefully one day I will have one of my own, but for now I just “borrow” dogs. Today I watched Bear-Bear, a 3-year-old Akita, while his owner made a quick trip to the nearby bodega for some lunch. The fluffy and regal Bear-Bear certainly satisfied my pup craving (for the time being, anyway).

“Stop and smell the roses.” I’m sure you have heard this sentiment before, but have you ever actually done it? I mean have you ever experienced the mental clarity smelling fresh flowers provides? I’m fairly short, standing at a mere 5’5” so sometimes I need a little extra boost from my boots. I’m obsessed with the stealthy wedge my new fall boots have built-in. The wedge is subtle enough to go undetected by the naked eye, but elevated enough to give me the ability to smell the bouquets of flowers at even the stand’s top tier.

By the time the late morning rolls around, I need a pick me up. I’m always trying to cut down on my caffeine consumption, but there’s something about a chilly fall morning bundled up in a shawl and comfortable boots that begs for a coffee. This morning I stuck to my standby, a medium roast coffee with a splash of soy milk. As the steam rose from the cup of coffee, I went into a state of pure bliss. This SoHo trip is just what I needed.

Photography by Crawford Morgan

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