7 Types Of Friends Every College Girl Needs

We’ve all heard that college is the time of your life, and it’s pretty much true. There are so many wonderful things about your four years in undergrad: You’re in the sweet spot between childhood and adulthood, you can go out all the time without any judgement, and you finally can pursue the things you find interesting, for starters. But there’s one thing we all tend to lose sight of: Your college experience would be nothing without the great friends you’ll make along the way.
In my opinion, it’s super important to have diverse group of friends while you’re in school. You’re probably away from your family for the first time and will really need to rely on your group of college friends – that’s why it’s so important that you have different types of people around you to keep you sane. These are seven types of friends that, in my mind, every college girl needs.

1. The friend who gives great advice

He or she is the one you go to after a tough breakup, when you’re fighting with your roomie, or if you’re feeling totally lost in a tough class. This person is a great listener with an amazing logical side and always points you in the right direction, so to speak. It is so important to have at least one friend you can talk to about anything both in college and in life.

2. The fun friend

Maybe your connection with this person isn’t all that deep. What matters, though, is that this is the friend you can go to when you really want to let down your hair. She is always ready to go out for a crazy night, dance on a table, and chat up the cute group of guys across the bar. We all need to let off some steam now and then, so it’s really important to have someone who can always show you a good time.

3. The guy friend

Sometimes you just need a break from all that estrogen, ya know? It’s super important that this guy is someone you’re not attracted to in the least – he should be the guy you go to when you need guy advice….or just someone to size up every other guy you think about dating.

4. The friend who isn’t a part of your group

As much as you love your core group of friends, let’s be real: Sometimes you just need a break from the same old people. It’s a great idea to make a friend how is all your own. This is someone you can turn to when you need to break out of your rut.

5. The chill friend

We all love going out but sometimes you need a friend who wants to come over, order a few pizzas, bake some cookies and Netflix into the wee hours of the night. Sure, you can do all of these things alone…but it’s so much more fun when you have a partner in crime to help you eat your junk food.

6. The studious friend

Studying is inevitable while you’re in college. Why not enlist a study buddy to make it slightly more bearable? Finding a friend who is serious about schoolwork is so key. Maybe she’s in a lot of the same classes as you are and is willing to split the work in half. Maybe she’s in an entirely different major but is down to hit the library and then take a latte break with you. Either way, finding a friend who inspires you to work harder is really important.

7. The sophisticated friend

She’s the one who gets you away from the dining hall and into a trendy little restaurant for dinner every so often. She teaches you about travel, fashion, the arts or fine wine. Whatever the case may be, a cultured friend will open your eyes to so many new things, which is sort of what college is all about, right?

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