Texas Teacher Draws Massive Penis On Student's Homework, Parents Less Than Thrilled

People get offended by everything nowadays. You can post a funny pic on social media, and within minutes, you get these long-winded comments documenting everything that’s not politically correct about it. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but it seems like it’s become a full-time job for people to seek out something they don’t agree with and rant about it.
Case in point: A language arts teacher from El Paso, Texas is currently facing hoards of angry parents for drawing a penis on her student’s homework. There was nothing sexual about it, but rather the student was apparently “dicking around.” Now I’m no teacher, but kids can be awful, awful human beings, and sometimes drastic measures need to be taken to get them to listen. He should be grateful for the anatomically-correct image and thrilled he didn’t get in more trouble.
Also, he could’ve just let this one slide, but in today’s generation of social media, the kid was enough of a moron to publish his own humiliation all over the Internet. Mom Sandra Green found out about it upon seeing this photo and WENT OFF.
To be fair, the woman behind the phallis, Kim Juzdowski was a boss and totally admitted she did it, which will probably get her fired. But hey, props to you girl.
The school has released a statement acknowledging the “inappropriate behavior,” and claims they will handle the incident administratively.
Yet Mama Green wasn’t going to be satisfied with that. She too, had a statement of her own, “If it was a [male] teacher doing it to a female student, they would have taken this totally serious… But because it’s the other way around I think they’re letting the light side go on it.”
Valid. But maybe if she actually spoke correctly (‘totally seriously’) and her son wasn’t such a total douche in the first place, that argument would be taken more seriously.

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