Here's The Answer To Whether You Should Be Playing Hard To Get

We finally have the answer to the question we’ve all asked at least once in our life: should I play hard to get? Well, that answer depends on what you’re looking for. Until now, every study has basically told us to stop listening to our friends because playing hard to get doesn’t actually work. We’re interested in people who like us, so giving off the vibe that you have little to no interest is just giving off mixed signals. Doing so results in the other person losing any interest they may have had in that person. Even though we have this evidence that it doesn’t work, we ignore it and continue to play hard to get because we’ve all seen guys respond to this tactic and want to win you over. Well, continue doing this because there is new evidence from The Journal of Experimental Psychology that proves playing hard to get really does work. While previous research has shown that it lowers someone liking you, this study says it does raise their desire in wanting you. Remember that lame ’00s phrase “don’t hate the player, hate the game”? This applies 100 percent. If you’re more interested in playing games and wanting someone to want you, then you should play hard to get. If you want a short-term fling or just a one-night stand, then playing hard to get is the better option for you. However, if you are looking for something serious, then quit playing the games because a person is going to be interested if you are straightforward about your feelings. They will respond to you in a much more positive way due to your openness. Long story short: playing hard to get will make someone desire you but not necessarily like you.

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