WATCH: Ariana Grande Teaches Sexist Radio Hosts A Thing Or Two About Equality

Will these interviewers never learn? It’s about time to stop asking sexist questions.

Ariana Grande was the latest celeb to endure some rather rude and demeaning questions during a recent visit to California radio station Power 106.

The cringe-worthy questioning began when hosts Justin Credible and Eric D-Lux thought it would be cute to ask if she would rather live without makeup or her cell phone. Ariana fired back, “Is this what you think girls have problems choosing between?”

The singer humored the hosts by telling them about her new favorite emoji, only to be met with a sarcastic “Girls…” when she named the unicorn.

In response to the sexiest comments, Ariana jokes, “All right, I’ve changed my mind. I don’t wanna hang out at Power 106 anymore.”

Like a boss.

The hosts tried to turn it around at the end by asking what problem Ariana would like to change, but the damage was done.

This is definitely helping us forget about DonutGate, Ariana.

Watch the interview below, but prepare to have your eyes roll out of your head.

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