Hide Your Credit Cards: New Pinterest Feature Is Big Trouble For Shopaholics

Social media is becoming a very dangerous place for shopaholics. First, Facebook introduces a “buy” button that makes impulse purchases while stalking your ex-boyfriends all too easy. Now, Pinterest did the same with a new update called Pinterest Shop which will occur in the next few weeks.

On one hand, it’s going to make holiday shopping that much easier. On the other, I might as well just set my cash on fire.

Apple users have had to battle the urge to purchase items through the app on iPhones and iPads for some time now, but this extensive update will extend that luxury/curse to all smartphone users.


Here’s how you do it, straight from the horse’s mouth:

“1. Blue means you can buy: When you spot a Pin with a blue price, that means you can buy it.

2. Easy checkout: When you’re ready to buy, tap Buy it to check out in just a few taps. Once you enter your info, we’ll save it so you don’t have to fuss with the same fields next time.

3. Worry-free buying: Pinterest’s checkout is simple and secure. We also review and approve every seller on Pinterest—that way, you know you’re buying from someone we trust.”

Happy spending!

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