You’ll Never Guess Who the Highest Paid Woman In Music Is (No, It’s Not T. Swift)

It was only a few weeks ago when reports were being released that Taylor Swift was earning about a million dollars a day. Well this actually isn’t the case,¬†and there is actually another female musician who is pulling in way more more than Taylor Swift – $55 million more to be exact. The title of Highest-Paid Woman in Music belongs to none other than Katy Perry, who made a shocking $135 million in 2015.

katy perry forbes highest paid women in music

Bow down to the 2015 Queen of Music who made a killing from her Prismatic World Tour, which according to Forbes earned $2 million per city. Along with her 126-city tour, she also happened to have sponsorship deals with major brands like Covergirl, Claire’s, and Coty.

Here are the complete list of the 10 Highest-Paid Female Musicians

  1. Katy Perry – $135 million
  2. Taylor Swift – $80 million
  3. Fleetwood Mac – $59.5 million
  4. Lady Gaga, $59 million
  5. Beyoncé, $54.5 million
  6. Britney Spears – $31 million
  7. Jennifer Lopez – $28.5 million
  8. Miranda Lambert – $28.5 million
  9. Mariah Carey – $27 million
  10. Rihanna – $26 million

Congrats, flawless queens!

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