Serena Williams Literally Chased Down The Thief Who Stole Her Phone

You would think that people are smart enough not to steal, let alone from a star athlete like Serena Williams. Williams was dining at a Chinese restaurant last night when some creep decided to (attempt to) steal her phone, but the tennis player wasn’t going to let this slide.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Serena recounted the incident and how she handled the situation like a boss.

During dinner, Serena’s “superhero sense” told her to watch out for the sketchy guy next to her. When he quickly split from the joint, she noticed her phone was gone from the chair next to her. Williams instantly stood up, weaved her way throughout the eatery while “leaping over a chair or two,” and followed him out the door. He tried to take off, but did he really think he could outrun a professional athlete? Please.

When Serena caught up with the thief, she handled the situation with total class.

“In the most menacing yet calm no nonsense voice I could muster I kindly asked him if he “accidentally” took the wrong phone. He stumbled on his words probably not expecting this to happen. While he was thinking of the right thing to say and eventually he said ‘Gosh you know what I did! It was so confusing in there. I must have grabbed the wrong phone.'”

A friend Facetimed her as if on cue so the man couldn’t deny that it was her phone.

Williams returned to her table — phone in hand — to the a standing ovation from her fellow diners.


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Read her entire hilarious account straight from Serena’s perspective here.

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