11 Unique Fundraising Ideas For Your Student Organization

Make fundraising for your student organization super easy and fun with these 11 fundraising ideas!

1. Bake Sale

Baked treats like cupcakes and cookies really rank in the money for your organization. You can buy, make, or ask for donations of freshly baked goods.
If you’re looking to fund raise on campus, schedule a time and date to set up a table on the “common” area of campus – somewhere you’ll be found the have a lot of traffic.
Make sure to advertise the event and price everything beforehand to guarantee a profit. Fee feel have a donations bucket instead, but with a minimum.

2. Coin Drive

Team up with another student organization or community group to collect spare change. Make it fun by having a prize foe whoever collects the most!

3. Movie Night

First thing’s first, you’re going to have to find a venue. This can be anything with enough space for chairs, a projector, and maybe even a popcorn machine.
You’ll want to have more than one movie picked out for this event, so make sure to choose something popular or recent.
At the entrance you’ll want to charge a small fee (something that college students will be able to afford). To gain an even bigger revenue, have people selling snacks and drinks.

4. Kissing Booth

Need I say more?

5. Car Wash

The most popular and effective way to raise money for a club or sorority. You’ll first want to find out who is available and willing to take part. You’ll have the best of luck going for a commercial place with a large parking lots such as a super market, malls, or your typical gas station car wash. Make sure they have access to running water.
After you have gotten permission from the head office, know for a fact you’ll have a water source and have picked a date and time, it’s time to promote the event. This can be on campus, around the local community, and/or via social media.
To show that you all belong to a specific student organization, wear team shirts or have a banner advertising the organization, the event and what the funds will be used for.

6. Proceeds night at your favorite restaurant

Who doesn’t love food? A great (and delicious) way to make money is from the profits of a local restaurant. Some places offer anywhere between 10-20% of total sales with an organization. Simply set up a date and time with a restaurant that agrees to have a proceeds night and get as many people as possible to eat at that particular place. This can be anywhere from Chipotle to your local gelato shop.

7. Working concession at an on campus sports event

Sports events are a great place to earn a little extra money. To get started you’ll want to get in contact with the sports center. Some colleges and universities will allow for clubs and organizations to work ¬†the concessions stands at home games. Once you’ve reached a certain amount of volunteer hours, your club or organization will actually get a rewarded with some sort of compensation. For more information on how your club can get involved and how much money you’ll actually be rewarded, contact you schools sports or recreational department.

8. Raffles

If you have a raffle, make sure to have appropriate prizes to give out like gift certificates, gift cards, food – things that college students would really like.
Once again, schedule a time and date to set up a table on the “common” area of campus. Have the prizes present so people can know that it is they have an opportunity or getting.

9. Custom Shirts

Sell imprinted t-shirts! Have them custom made with the clubs name or a philanthropy your club really cares for. However much money you end up making with them, give a certain percentage back to the cause.

11. Fashion show, talent show, or coffee house

This can be on or off-campus as long as your venue has a stage. You can have people from the organization to participate or open it to the entire school. Just like the movie night, you’ll want to charge a fair entrance fee. Have snacks and refreshments on sale for the audience throughout the show.
If you plan on having a fashion show, get in contact with a local boutique or clothing store that will volunteer to let you borrow their clothes for the night.

11. Rummage Sale

Ask students, parents, professors, faculty and staff to donate gently used items from their closest, homes, and other collections. Then, have a huge sale on or off campus!
Happy Fundraising!

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