How to Make a Cappuccino (Without a Fancy Machine)

It’s National Cappuccino Day, which– like all things coffee and caffeine– deserves to be celebrated.
Though a cappuccino may appear a little fancier than a regular cup of joe, it actually isn’t that complicated. It’s just espresso coffee topped with steam milk or cream.
Cappuccino lovers could easily invest in a machine for their home; but if you’re looking at some of the better brands, you can expect to drop a few hundred dollars. And, let’s be serious, trying to keep up with your Starbucks addiction is enough financial burden as is.
Sure, you could enjoy the ‘holiday’ by going and picking up a freshly brewed cappuccino at a local Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, but that would require putting on pants and, seeing as it’s Sunday, that’s probably not in the cards for you today. (We totally get it.)
Fortunately, you don’t actually have to leave your house, or purchase one of those complicated machines, to enjoy a cappuccino today (or any other day, for that matter). The only “heavy machinery” or equipment you’ll need is a blender and a microwave.
Below is a simple, easy to follow guide for a DIY cappuccino. So now you can treat yourself to a luxurious looking (and tasting) beverage, without spending a dime (or putting on pants).


  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Brewed coffee of your choice

Note: Obviously, substitute or add ingredients according to taste. For example, you can use almond milk, skim milk, etc. After the final step, you can also add vanilla extract, cinnamon, or anything else to make your drink a little tastier.


  1. Brew a strong pot of coffee
  2. Combine a teaspoon of sugar with a cup of milk, heat in microwave for two minutes
  3. Whip the heated milk/sugar mix in a blender for one minute (for the frothy “foam” topping)
  4. Pour hot cup of brewed coffee, and top with the heated milk/sugar foam

Yeah… it’s hard to believe you usually pay $4 for this.


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