7 Ways Going Out Changes Between Your Freshman Year of College & Your Senior Year of College

Things can change a lot in four years. No one knows this better than a college senior, when the name of the game becomes “minimal effort.” You’re no longer excited by classes or eager to make new friends. Between trying to get good grades and applying to jobs, you can barely find a reason to get out of bed anymore…and going out becomes more of a hassle than fun. Gone is the fun of sneaking into a club with a fake ID or wondering if that guy from last night will text you. By senior year, you’ve become a cynical bitch who would rather stay in with a bottle of wine and Netflix than hit the bars. When you actually do head to a party, your old get ready and pregame routine becomes find shoes and go. Sure, you might still dress as a cat, but instead of your freshman get-up of a sexy black dress and tail, you throw on a pair of cat ears and call it a day. Check out the differences between going out freshman year and senior year of college below.

1. Making Plans

Freshman year: “Okay, I got texts from Neil and Brendan about a highlighter party at Delta Chi, but if lacrosse house is having their party, we can pregame there and head over to the frat later.” Senior year: “If there’s a line outside my favorite bar, I’m just going home and watching season one of How To Get Away With Murder again.”

2. Getting Ready

Freshman year: *Gets in the shower hours ahead of time and tears closet apart for perfect outfit* Senior year: *Puts hair in messy bun and heads to the pregame in the same clothes you’ve been wearing all day*

3. Pre-Gaming

Freshman year: “I begged my sister’s friend to grab us this $15 handle of vodka from the liquor store. TIME FOR SHOTS!” Senior year: “Does a nap and chugging wine while I put on makeup count as pre-gaming?”

4. Getting To The Bar

Freshman year: *Tries to act nonchalant as the bouncer eyes your ID and makes you recite “your” name, address, and birthday.* Senior year: “Why is it freshman central in here?”

5. Getting Drinks

Freshman year: “Where’s the keg?!?” Senior year: “If one more person bumps into me and causes to spill another ounce of this $10 cocktail, I’m going to kick their ass.”

6. Post-Gaming

Freshman year: “I have an exam tomorrow morning, but another few beers at the dorm won’t hurt.” Senior year: “I’m ordering a pizza.”

7. The Hangover

Freshman year: “A cup of coffee and I’m good to go.” Senior year: “If I don’t a mimosa in me immediately, I’m going to die.”

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