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WATCH: These Videos Prove That Kids Today Have No Idea How To Use Old School Phones

girl can't hang up phone


Ready to feel very, very old?

While kids today play with tablets on long car rides and can navigate a computer like no one’s business, there’s something totally scary going on.  If a phone doesn’t have Internet on it, kids today don’t know how to use it.


Video evidence has surfaced on YouTube of children who have no idea how to hang up landline phones and act like a pay phone is from another planet.

As scary as it is, it’s pretty entertaining for us. Check out the funniest videos of kids trying to figure out phones that don’t start with an “i.”

1. Girl doesn’t know how to hang up landline.

2. Kid isn’t sure what a pay phone is.

3. Children react to rotary phones.

Probably busy watching puppy videos on Instagram.