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WATCH: Crazy Video Shows Tuscaloosa Police Beating & Tasing Man Over Noise Complaint

Tuscaloosa Police Beating man video


It seems like every other day people are posting their encounters with shady police, but these videos are insane.

An insane video has emerged online that appears to show police in Tuscaloosa dragging a man out of an apartment, then beating and tasing him, allegedly over a noise complaint. That man is Brandon Williford, a student at the University of Alabama.

After the initial video taken by a neighbor or someone nearby was on Twitter, more videos taken from inside the apartment show the lead up to the beat down.

This first video shows an officer inside the apartment before the man was dragged outside. A cop yells as a female student to “Shut the f*ck up” and that he doesn’t “give a sh*t” that she has the whole encounter on film.

Another video is from the perspective of a female as she’s slammed to the ground and cuffed.

On one hand, you should probably follow a cop’s instructions when he asks you to step outside five times. On the other, there’s absolutely no reason for throwing these people down on the ground for a beating when they aren’t being violent.

The city of Tuscaloosa confirmed on Twitter that they’ve seen the video and they’re working on an investigation.

This story is developing. Check back for updates.

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