Jason Aldean Dressed In Blackface as Lil Wayne For Halloween

It seems that the country music scene is very good at providing us outsiders with reasons to stay far away from that niche. In short, if you needed another reason to not listen to country music, today, you’re in luck.
A photo recently surfaced of country singer, Jason Aldean, dressed with in sunglasses, long dreadlocks and gold jewelry. The photo also featured Aldean with black paint on his face. It was confirmed today by Aldean’s publicist, Tyne Parrish, that he “dressed as rapper Lil Wayne for Halloween.” However, no other explanations for the costume was provided. With all of this information combined together, it is very apparent that Aldean dressed in blackface this past Halloween. Yes, you read that correctly: blackface.
You can view the image below.

Nashville Cream rightfully called Aldean a nincompoop. How daft must Aldean be to think such a costume is appropriate? How many times will people have to say that blackface is wrong? How many times will we have to say that cultural appropriation is problematic, harmful and wrong?
Plain and simple? There’s a reason why blackface is no longer acceptable in American society and that’s because it’s inherently racist. Thanks, Jason Aldean. I’ll be writing off your discography as something to avoid like the plague.
Lil Wayne’s representatives have yet to comment on the costume.

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