Ultra-Talented Artist Uses Starbucks Cups As Her Canvas

Carrah Aldridge starbucks cups art


People have been losing their minds over the pointless red Starbucks cup controversy, but 20-year-old artist Carrah Aldridge is really giving us Starbucks cups to flip out about…in a good way.
Aldridge uses Sharpies, white gel pens, and Copic markers to create stunning works of art on cups that usually find themselves in the trash after a caffeine fix.
It looks like Lilly Pulitzer herself threw up on a Starbucks cup, and that’s enough to send any good sorority girl into a tizzy.

In a post on Bored Panda, Aldridge wrote, “I got my inspiration from an artist by the name of Kristina Webb who drew on a cup and then I decided to try it out myself.”
She added, “To say the least, it turned out to be one of my favorite things to do and now I have a little collection growing.”
Starbucks needs to end the cup controversy and hire Carrah to create some custom designs that literally everyone will love.
Check out some of Carrah’s intricate designs below!

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