This Fake Phone Number Service Is The Answer To Keeping Creeps Away

girls texting cell phones


Your phone is probably full of contacts you haven’t spoken to in years, including that guy who went on a Tinder date with once or a girl who sent you a picture from a party. When you think about it, it’s kind of creepy how many people have your number.

If you’re uncomfortable with that thought, don’t fret. Now, there’s Phox, a service that allows you to give out a fake phone number that relays messages directly to your phone. That way you can communicate with people you don’t know very well without giving away your privacy.

When the dude hitting on you at the bar doesn’t deserve the reject hotline (212-479-7990, works like a charm!) but you’re still not totally sure about him, give him your Phox number.

When you’re trying to buy a couch from Craigslist but don’t need some rando having your number forever, give them your Phox number.

When you have to give your number to an Uber driver you’ll never see again, give them your Phox number.

It’s not super cheap at a monthly fee of $4.95 for 100 text messages or $9.95 for unlimited, but if it keeps creeps from having your phone number, it might be worth it.

Check out this video on Phox for more info.


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