10 Ways You Can Spot A Fashion Girl On Campus

Fashion loving ladies are few and far in between on college campuses. Since college style is really all about comfort and affordability, a lot of girls don’t discover their inner fash-o-philes until later in life.
But every college girl should be friends with the fashion girl. Why? Because her closet is a wonderland if you get really lucky, she might let you borrow her amazing LBD.
Here’s how you spot her on campus:

1. She’s wearing heels to an 8 a.m. lecture.

And she’s not the least bit uncomfortable. She has that natural ability to run in heels. She probably finds them more comfortable than flats, TBH.

2. She wears a lot of black.

Sorority girls can keep their pastels. Fashion girls will always go back to black.

3. She still reads Vogue.

Like, the actual magazine. Look out for copies of it on campus and you’re sure to find her.

4. She’s wearing a cute fedora to brunch.

Her less stylish friends will make fun of it but who cares? She looks awesome.

5. She’s literally knitting a scarf in the quad.

Because a lot of fashion girls don’t just love wearing clothes; they love the artistic process behind them too.

6. She’s sneaking off campus at the crack of dawn.

For a sample sale, duh.

7. She’s hanging around at vintage stores a lot.

And managing to find the coolest pieces every time

8. She’s┬ástaying far away from the foam at every frat party.

She’s so not about to ruin her shoes.

9. She’s trying to find someone to go to the local fashion show with her.

And probably not having much luck since it coincides with dollar drink happy hour.

10. She’s always working on her blog during class.

Because who needs Finance 101 when you’re already making money off of affiliate links?

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