15 Celebrity Hairstyles Straight Out of Our Nightmares

I don’t care what anyone says: I know hair grows back, but, my God, does it take a long time.
Look, if you get a bad haircut, no one is going to tell you. People will avoid that sh*t like the plague. Hair is so intrinsic to someone’s look that commenting poorly on it could potentially destroy someone’s self-esteem until his or her hair returns to normal. It takes a real brave person to chop off his or her normal hairstyle in the name of daring fashion. It takes an even braver person to bleach the remaining hair follicles only to dye them some wild color.
However, celebrities on the other hand, seem to purposely don haircuts that are seriously straight out of our nightmares. Just because you can jaggedly cut your hair and bleach it to all hell does not mean you should do it. For your viewing horror (and perhaps to boost your hair’s self-esteem), I have compiled some of the worst celebrity haircuts from across the years.
If you were thinking about doing something with your lovely hair, perhaps you shouldn’t. Fashion is fickle, my friends.

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