Shia LaBeouf Explains How He Was Feeling During #ALLMYMOVIES

Between November 10 and November 12, we were all engrossed by Shia LaBeouf’s #ALLMYMOVIES marathon he was holding in New York City. Between the live stream and GIFs, Shia blessed us with a good year’s worth of hilarious memes. He just did his first interview after the festival with New Hive, the website that hosted the live stream, and gave us insight on what he had been thinking and feeling throughout the three-day event.
Remember when he knocked out during Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen? Well, after Lawless was screened he felt “…the movies started getting sh*t. I’m telling you. When the movies started getting sh*t and they knew that I felt it too, it was the shared secret that we all had…not just because I’m in it…I’m in the same boat as you, I’m a viewer in this and this is hard for me to watch too.” So, naturally like any viewer who is bored in a movie theater, he took a nap.
After an hour, he woke up to the gloriously awful Transformers 2. 

“Transformers 2 they could feel when I sunk in my seat. That’s not a performative thing. That’s me going through some kind of crisis. And I’m not the only one. I remember right before I fell asleep I looked next to me and the guy next to me was falling asleep. You can see it on the screenshot we’re both asleep. And the guy behind us is asleep.”

When it came to the DCOM classic The Even Stevens Movie, he was loving every minute of it and so was the audience.

“The Even Stevens Movie was interesting, it’s all of our childhood. It’s mine and it’s yours. It wasn’t just me smiling like that. If you look at the freeze frames, everyone is smiling like wow, I remember Beans. I remember that stupid ass song. We were all looking at our yearbook together and we’re all in the yearbook. It felt like family, we were sitting there like a high school class.”

By the end of the marathon, Shia had a self revelation and was proud of what he did.

“I can’t articulate how big this was. I don’t even know yet. All I know is I feel the weight of it. I’m walking through the streets and I’m smiling, like a cartoon character…I felt extraordinary support…Once you press play on your life and you open up and there’s that vulnerability and not only are people getting the artistic side of you but they’re getting the human side of you, watching that, you’ve shared everything. And the fact that you can walk out of there and people are still nodding at you and giving you a thumb’s up…it’s something else.”

Not only did it change his “sense of self,” it clearly changed most of our opinions on him. While the entire marathon was hilarious to watch, it did make him seem like a person again and not just this gimmick we love to laugh at. This time we were laughing with him. We’re happy for you, Shia!

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