New Adele Album ’25’ Has Leaked & Many People Are At Fault For It

Another highly anticipated album, another premature album leak.

Adele‘s long awaited third album ’25’ is set to be released Friday, but has already been leaked early onto the Internet. Yesterday, Juno Records, which is based in London accidentally leaked two minute snippets of eleven songs that are on the album to their website. Though they quickly caught the error, fans still were able to listen to it before they got the chance to take it down. Now their Adele page is completely gone.

On Tuesday night, someone posted a link on Twitter of the album, but that too was quickly taken down. The crazy thing is that this wasn’t only an online leak of ’25’ but it was also reportedly available at a Target.

Just copped that new Adele album at Target 😍 retweet if you want me to leak it

— Florence Welch (@HausofFrancis) November 17, 2015

The fan has said she would leak it early if people wanted her too, but has said stated she is not the one behind the leak. She has even been threatened by Adele’s label, XL Records through direct message. Though XL Records has completely denied that a buyer was able to get it from Target stores early, it’s not like it would be the first time. Remember it was not even two weeks ago that they were making Made in the AM and Purpose available early. If this is Target’s fault, they need to get it together.

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