Victoria’s Secret Model Bridget Malcolm Just Shut Down Her Skinny Shamers

Australian model Bridget Malcolm, who recently walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, has been under attack for her skinny body. While she is new to VS, she has been in the fashion game for a long time. Malcolm has even done campaigns for Burberry, H&M, and Tommy Hilfiger.

She lives a healthy lifestyle and promotes that on her Instagram, which consists of her vegan foods and pictures of her in lingerie. Malcolm wants to promote body positivity, but many people have commented on her pictures saying that she’s “too thin” and “looks anorexic.” Now, she’s over all the hate and negativity that she gets about her body and wrote an amazing response. Malcolm explains in a caption, “I am a woman who has every right to look the way I do.”

In our society, you really can’t ever win, but don’t worry about the haters Bridget – you look fierce as hell.

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