WATCH: Harvard’s Band May Or May Not Have Spelt Out “Penis” During Football Halftime Show

harvard band spells penis


What kid didn’t come home from school with “Pen 15” written on their hand only to have a parent demand you wash it off immediately?

“It’s a club at school! The Pen 15 club!” you explained to a mother who shook her head at “kids these days.”

Looks like the Pen 15 club is still going strong at Harvard, whose band seemed to have spelled out the word “Penis” during their halftime routine at a football game against UPenn.

See for yourself.

Don’t believe what your eyes tell you. Despite what you see, Harvard swears they did not spell out “penis” on the field.

The Harvard Band manager, Paul Meosky, told Boston Globe it was an oopsie. “We meant to spell ‘Pen ‘15’ with both a space and an apostrophe before the number,” Meosky said.

Jeez. If you don’t have enough band members for the second “N,” maybe you should abort mission.

Insult or innocent mistake, the Penn Quakers still won the game, breaking Harvard’s 22-game winning streak.

American Pie didn’t lie – those band kids are dirty. Maybe the Harvard Band needs to stop hanging out with Kansas State at band camp. 

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