Days Of Stalking Your Ex's Life Are Now Over (If You So Choose) Thanks To New Facebook Feature

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The last thing you need after a breakup is for your ex’s dumb face to keep popping up on your timeline. Like anyone knows, that simply leads to hours of clicking through photos together as you down Ben & Jerry’s despite crying so hard you can barely taste anything. (Just me?)
Luckily, Facebook has your back.
A blog post announced the social media platform you’re still using to keep in touch with your aunts and stalk that kid from first grade who got hot somewhere along the way is working out kinks on keeping those exes off your page without an awkward “block” or “unfriend” situation. The new Facebook update allows you to decide how much of your ex you see or completely erase her from your social media life all together.



When you make that fateful change of your relationship status from “In A Relationship” to “Single,” Facebook will act as your girlfriend who asks if you need a bottle of wine or someone to go kick his ass. But virtually. They’ll let you decide if you want to keep photos, videos, and status updates having anything to do with former flame off your timeline. That’s right – not only his or her posts, but anything others post with his or her name in it can be omitted.
In addition, you can untag all photos of you and your ex as soon as you change your relationship status and edit your profile to ensure your ex can’t see any content you put up.
There. No more breaking down in class because you find out he was tagged in a pic with that girl you hate. (Seriously though, not just me, right?)

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