Some Jerk Put Tape Over The Photos Of Black Harvard Law Professors

harvard black professors tape photo


You would think with all the attention on racism on campus, people would be looking for ways to be more inclusive, not total jerks.
Students at Harvard Law School discovered on Thursday morning that black tape had been placed over the pictures of many African-American professors outside a lecture hall. Photos posted to Twitter showed the tape over the faces of the faculty members outside Wasserstein Hall, the law school’s main building.
The incident followed a rally by Harvard students on Wednesday in support of black student activists on other college campuses such as University of Missouri and Yale.
Michelle Deakin, a spokeswoman for the school, said that Harvard University police are investigating the incident, but there are no known suspects at this time.

Michelle Hall, a black student at Harvard Law School, penned a response article to the vandalism, talking about how black professors inspired her, but the very white history of Harvard Law is well-known. “Their faces were slashed through, X-ing them out, marking them as maybe unwanted or maybe unworthy or maybe simply too antithetical to the legacy of white supremacy on which Harvard Law School has been built,” she writes. “Harvard Law School was, after all, founded with the money from the sale of over 100 Antiguan enslaved people (because they were not slaves but people who were brutally and inhumanely enslaved) by the Royall family. To this day, the Royall family crest is the seal for Harvard Law School, and their legacy of white supremacy drips from every corner of the campus, like the blood of the 77 enslaved people murdered after a slave revolt on the Royall plantation.”
She promises, “We will march and scream and sit in and walk out and shout our demands and make ourselves heard and tear down these hallways of white supremacy because we belong here too.”
In response to this morning’s incident, a community meeting was called. According to a Kendra Albert on Twitter, about 350 people are there to voice their concerns about racism on campus.
What the actual f*ck, people.
I am so glad I’m not in college anymore because I would seriously be terrified to be on campus these days. Lately, every other day we hear about racially-driven hate crimes, and it’s absurd. You should be going to school to learn, not only about your major, but to get out of your community of like-minded people to experience the world. Not everyone has the same background as you, not everyone has the same opinions, and you better get used to that fast if you want to make it in the real world.
This racism, sexism, any -ism needs to end.

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