This Kid's Truthful Thank You Notes Are Better Than Anything You'll Find At Hallmark

thank you


Greeting cards – kind of a weird thing. Whether you’re saying “Congratulations,” “Happy Birthday,” or “Thank You,” it’s a little strange that we expect a note written by someone else to do the job, especially when it will likely end up in the trash.
Thank you notes are necessary to let a person know you appreciate their presence or gift, but they can be a little boring and predictable. Luckily for us, a boy named Kyle decided to spice things up when writing out his cards after a graduation party. Like Kyle’s dad says: “It’s more meaningful to write it down and wait 5-7 business days” to properly display your gratitude.

From an impromptu game of Hangman to using the opportunity to practice writing with his left hand, check out Kyle’s super honest thank you notes that will definitely end up on the fridge instead of in the garbage.
And it’s probably safe to say that his parents won’t force him to write thank you notes ever again.

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