People Are Going Crazy About Macaron Hair

I suppose it was only a matter of time before this aesthetically-pleasing sweet treat was turned into some sort of fashion statement.
Shelley Gregory, a hair stylist and colorist at the Atelier by Square Salon in Las Vegas, Nevada, created a hair dye style that was inspired by the Ladurée macaron and pastry shop founded in Paris. Quite frankly, the final results are really cool. I’m almost inspired to bleach my dark brown hair for this look.

macaron hair shelley george

Shelley Gregory.

Gregory explains how this new rainbow dye look came to be. She said, “I went [to Ladurée] a few years ago and I remember loving the color palette. Everything from the crown molding and the way they display the macarons – it sticks with you. It’s kind of like Disneyland, where it’s magic. I wanted that feeling when you look at this hair.”
The look, also known as “candy unicorn hair,” features seven colors: purple, pink, peach, yellow, blue, mint green and silver. The colors themselves are not like your typical rainbow hair – they’re toned down. This kind of hair will match perfectly with any sparkly or white clothing you may choose to don this holiday season.
macaron hair shelley gregory

Shelley Gregory.

If you need me, I’ll be off to Las Vegas to get this hair dye job done myself.

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