Michael Phelps' Intersex Ex Says He "Makes Charlie Sheen Look Like An Amateur" In The STD Department

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps just announced that one of his little swimmers made its way into his fiancee Nicole Johnson and they’re expecting a baby. This should be a pretty happy time, but one of Phelps’ exes, well as far as she says, is raining on this parade.

Taylor Lianne Chandler, 40, who was born with male genitalia but no testicles as well as a uterus but no ovaries, claims she and Phelps had a relationship after matching on Tinder although Phelps has never publicly commented on those rumors.
After hearing about the baby announcement, Chandler took it upon herself to write a lengthy rant on Facebook blasting the Olympian. She claims thanks to his not-so-safe practices in the bedroom, he “makes Charlie Sheen look like an amateur” and hopes “that baby is born free of STD’s.”
Chandler claims Phelps treated her poorly and this baby announcement “amplifies that void already felt” by not being able to have children, but how in the world would she know about his sex life with other women?
The full status reads:
“One of the hardest things ever for someone dealing with a gender challenge to deal with is an ex having a baby with another woman. It reinforces that lack of self worth, being woman enough. It amplifies that void already felt. I am amazed that I’m the one attacked when I am not the one to blame for the last year. I didn’t lie. I didn’t date multiple people at the same time. I didn’t keep someone hanging on knowing it could hurt them. I didn’t make promises I didn’t keep. I am the one that lost my privacy, career, and life as I knew it because of one man and his actions. I did absolutely nothing wrong a year ago. I protected same man for months. He took everything from me, so yes I am bitter. He made me emotionally crippled, broken and a mere shell of who I used to be. After losing my career I did an adult film, not exactly something I ever would have chosen. I was trying to survive. That turned into me riding his coat tails…lol The media from day one gave me the title girlfriend, cougar and many others I won’t repeat. That turned into self-proclaimed and alleged. More slaps in the face to the one person in this four person scenario that did nothing wrong. I didn’t have a boyfriend while I was seeing and sleeping with Michael Phelps. I wasn’t working for him, knowing he had two girlfriends, and sleeping with him on the side hating them both. I wasn’t the one seeing two women at the same time telling them both the same things. I wasn’t the one that got a DUI throwing all my deceptions into the public domain. I didn’t destroy a woman’s life I said I cared about, was making plans with and promised to be there for.
Stop blaming the victim and rethink this man you idolize and call a role model. You haven’t even scratched the service of who this man is and the events of the last year. Let’s just say he makes Charlie Sheen look like an amateur! I hope that baby is born free of STD’s. He’s not the safest when pursuing his extra curricular activities outside the girls he is “dating.””
Jealous, much? Sounds like this one will do anything to get some attention.
No one likes a crazy stalker self-proclaimed ex, Taylor!

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