Introducing NickelBlock: The App That Plays Nickelback Upon Trying To Stalk Your Ex

Remember that early 2000s band Nickelback? Remember how literally not a breathing soul on earth enjoyed their songs? Us too, but we think there’s finally a way to put Nickelback’s horrendous excuse of music to good use.
Introducing NickelBlock, the app that will make you hate your ex just as much as you loathe the Canadian rock band:
[protected-iframe id=”6059c984148f41519fffc2c7ab1abe65-860993-88638170″ info=”” width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]
From the “developers of Period Tracker and Froyo Finder,” the NickelBlock app can just shut up and take my money. The idea is that every time you stalk your ex, a Nickelback song will play for the duration of your stalking, thus, making you want to commit every time you try. Brilliant, if you ask us.
Unfortunately, it’s completely fictitious- but anyone who can bring this magnificent idea to life could potentially become a billionaire. Props to Moll & Rell, the creators of this ingenious idea, nonetheless. Since nothing says torture like the song “Photograph,” make getting over that bad breakup that much easier by associating it with that heinous tune.

[Story via TSM]

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